Bogdan Denitch

Daniel Singer represented the best of the revolutionary internationalist tradition of the classical socialist movement. It is a tradition, alas, with ever fewer representatives as most the organized socialist and communist parties turn to open defense of their own national states and move away from any active struggle for a socialism based on direct workers' control and self-management. Daniel as a speaker and a writer represented that "other" socialism -- the socialism based on faith in the creative capacities of ordinary working people to shape their societies and destinies, to struggle against global capitalism. He was thus an early, prophetic supporter of the new movements of the young around the world, in Seattle, Sweden and Genova against the hegemonic new world order.

Daniel and his wife and compagnion Jeanne were also an invaluable and early supporter of the Socialist Scholars Conference for two decades. He was a dear friend and comrade. I will miss him terribly, as will the movement he devoted his life to. He will not be forgotten.

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