István Mészáros

I was privileged to be united with Daniel Singer by our deep friendship and comradeship for three crucial decades of our lives. We shared completely not only our concerns and preoccupations but also our most cherished ideals and aspirations.

Daniel's life was rich in adventure and achievement. He had an exemplary sense of proportion which could put even the most disheartening events in true historical perspective. Everything he wrote, often "against the current," was written with great clarity of vision as well as with an infectious passion and a defiant advocacy of the much-needed radical transformation of our conditions of living. His many devoted readers at Monthly Review and at The Nation must now realize what a tremendous loss the absence of his forcefully encouraging and indomitably positive voice represents for everybody who cares about the future.

Daniel deeply touched so many lives, inspiring not only respect and shared views but also lasting comradeship and love. He was a profoundly committed socialist from his youth, and he remained one to the last moment of his life. We shall guard his memory and do what we can to continue working in his spirit.

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