Paul Robeson Jr.

Daniel Singer departed too soon, yet he left behind a powerful personal and political legacy. He spoke eloquently and clearly, in a personal way, to those who are frustrated by the absence of an influential political left and languish in temporary isolation. He created political tools for them to build from their dreams and longings a tower reaching to the sky.

He made an indelible impression on those whose paths he crossed, and the political landscape will bear his imprints for many years to come. Whenever I think of the 1980s, I recall his pathbreaking writing about Poland's Solidarity movement, and his inspiring speeches during the US tour in support of Solidarity. Wherever we went, he could connect with every audience in every neighborhood.

Daniel had special qualities. He marched to his own drummer, yet he collaborated well with others. Although he was a fierce debater, he had an open mind and a gracious manner.

I shall miss Daniel, as well as his informative and trenchant commentaries in The Nation. His sparkle, his wit, his compassion and his quiet strength were a source of comfort and inspiration.

I will remember him in my garden when a bird sings above a rose. I shall be reminded of his journey when I glimpse a lone white sail disappearing in the mist above an azure sea.

Goodbye, my friend! Accept my heart's farewell as comrade silently embracing comrade before his exile.

August 7, 2001

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