A Tribute to Daniel Singer
was held in New York City
on Saturday, March 3, 2001
at St. Peter's Church, Lexington Ave. at 54th St.

Among the participants were

Victor Navasky
Publisher and Editorial Director of The Nation

Harry Magdoff
Editor of Monthly Review

Arthur Wang
first publisher of Prelude to Revolution

Katrina vanden Heuvel
Editor of The Nation

Bogdan Denitch
founder of The Socialist Scholars Conference; professor of sociology at CUNY

Lybess Sweezy
edited The Road to Gdansk for Monthly Review Press

Susanne Weissman
professor of Russian politics and radio journalist

Maurice Meisner
professor emeritus of history, University of Madison, Wisconsin

Francis Fox Piven
professor of political science at Columbia University, New York

Frank Fried
political activist, longtime friend of Daniel

Richard Lingeman
Senior Editor of The Nation

Thomas Ferguson
professor, University of Massachusetts

Carl Bromley
Associate Editor of Nation Books, and former intern of Daniel at The Nation.

Bertell Ollman
professor of politics at New York University; author

Paul Robeson Jr.

Danny Schechter
Executive Producer, Globalvision

István Mészáros
Marxist philosopher; emeritus professor at the University of Sussex
[photo from the ceremony at Montparnasse]

Percy Brazil
introduced the speakers on March 3, and is represented here by a speech he gave at that spring's Socialist Scholars Conference.

photos by Jean Pagliani

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